Is Your Fitness Plan Fun?

  • Why it matters
  • * How to succeed long term

It’s been overdue that I review the mental side of fitness!

Enjoyment is the cornerstone of RYPT and I know how hating your routine will lead to aversion.

Therefore it’s vital to enjoy what you are doing!

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore (although it can be tough work) but the more you detest something the more difficult it becomes. Whatever it is, a little is better than nothing.

That’s why sports can be the most enjoyable way to get fit (as you don’t need to think so much about it). Although it does require organisation, especially if you have friends that are unreliable and it does need to be on a consistent basis to have benefit – oftentimes work gets in the way.

If you don’t enjoy it, it simply won’t last. That’s why gym plans need to be refreshed regularly (plus to improve performance via adaptation).

Over the years I’ve seen all sorts of fitness fads take over – many of which have faded into oblivion.

Zumba remember that phase?

Ultimately fitness is ruled by people looking to make a quick buck. How do they do it?

Primarily marketing fitness / their product as fast, fun and inexpensive – often based on false promises due to the limitations of a one trick product.

Eventually these things get found out but not before money has been made off of unsuspecting individuals. In a word, this is unethical.

That’s why with the RYPT app I have a membership system so you aren’t contracted into a long term deal or have high costs to deal with. Furthermore, you have a principle that works: a personalised training plan that is scheduled around YOU!

It makes me wonder sometimes how gyms survive if all they have is equipment and no structured training / structured program provision. People will get bored of the same machines and they are more expensive than running classes.

It’s the personal touch that makes a difference to the success of a gym plan. Having accountability and personal interaction is why personal training works! The RYPT is based along the same principle, workouts are scheduled and regular interaction from me ensures that your plan is engaging every single session.

The best way is to try it and see what you think. Get your no obligation, free trial today by visiting the RYPT website now!