Lose Weight without Lifting a Weight 1

  • Simple changes, maximum effect
  • Learn the real secrets of fitness

This week I was thinking about ways that I could help the average person lose weight without doing anything unusual or gimmicky.

I absolutely detest fitness fads and thought I would design a series that dispelled fitness myths whilst making getting healthier and happier a lot easier.

The truth is, you can get a lot fitter for free, if you just understand a few simple principles and make some subtle changes.

My main goal with RYPT was to create fitness that is sustainable, in moderation, enjoyable and also helps improve lives via education without taking short cuts!

Enlightening the actual truth about fitness is far more powerful than copying a template.

Lesson 1) Hydration

The most underestimated part of fitness is proper hydration.

In a world of caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks it’s difficult to actually stay hydrated.

When I used to work with a system of biometrical measurements it would always be the case that newbies to fitness had poor hydration levels. This was due to a mixture of lacking muscle mass and poor nutritional choices.

As the fitness of the client improved, it’s no surprise that hydration also rose.

Hydration helps basic bodily functions like concentration, energy and suppressing appetite – you’d be amazed.

Normally my main suggestion is keeping a water bottle near to hand (especially if you work in an office). This prevents the need to continually top up the smaller plastic cups.

Also, drinking water with meals will help you feel fuller and improve your digestion.

How much?

The recommended daily intake of water is two litres. However, if you are active that number will rise as you need to replace fluids.

In the gym, I’ll always have a water bottle close to hand just to help with hydration. Small sips is far easier than gulping water down.

There’s more to fitness than just exercise and eating – everything you put into your body plays a role and all the choices you make have an impact.

Remember, RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment! There are no fads or shortcuts, just facts.




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