My Friday Training Plan

  • What my new plan looks like
  • How you can progress your training

It occurred to me today that I don’t really talk about what I do in the gym myself despite giving out all of this free advice. Furthermore, since I am in a transition week I thought I would share my current gym plan with the world.

The key for me is one thing: consistency. Whether it’s the time of the year that I adapt my training, the amount of times per week or the session duration; year-on-year the training remains consistent.

This year, I started with basic hypertrophy training (nothing special, just 12 repetitions of four or so sets). After mid February, I progressed onto more strength based training, this involved roughly 10 repetitions for five sets.

After that, the main focus was on strength with the repetition range between six and eight repetitions.

I’ve been tinkering with less cardio to improve my physique and strength (which has worked).

It is normally around this time of year that the training begins to ramp up in the gym and the amount of sessions decrease. At the moment, I am working through supersets (a fairly basic concept but made tougher by the longer gym sessions). Rather than four gym sessions through the winter, I am currently at a phase where I will be reducing down to 3 sessions per week but for slightly longer than an hour (of pure weights) per session.

My cardiovascular game will also be upped (owing mainly to the lighter nights and hopefully the better weather). This primarily takes the form of running (although I do train all year round).

My current gym plan is not entirely dissimilar from what I try to rotate my clients on the app towards.

A snapshot of today’s training shows you the intensity of the session and how you can get cardiovascular results from weight training.

Today’s session was a bit of a compromise. I have merged components of my back workout into my shoulders/arm session to enable me to reduce my gym sessions to 3 per week. One session will be just chest and arms, one will be legs and the other will be the aforementioned.

Exercise set one:

Dumbbell shoulder press for eight repetitions supersetted with standing dumbbell side raise (for 12 repetitions) for four sets

Exercise set two:

Olympic bar mid row for eight repetitions supersetted with standing dumbbell front raise (for 10 repetitions) overall for four sets.

Exercise set three:

Olympic bar upright row for eight repetitions supersetted with dumbbell standing rear flyes (for 12 repetitions) again for four sets.

The rest of the workout was focused mainly on isolation exercises, with more strength based training (so generally 8 to 10 repetitions for four sets). With a mixture of back, shoulders and arms all thrown in together to give variety to the overall workout.

As you can see, the workouts are structured and progressive. Every workout is advanced from session to session, whether it is set repetitions, rest time, weight or any mixture of factors every session is productive and GUARANTEES FOCUS AND. results…

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