My Ideal Client

  • What does it take to succeed with RYPT ?
  • * How did Daniel go from hating cardio to running 13 miles?

Last call, last call.

I’m writing this as I’m leaving for the Highlands. That’s my stuff packed and there’s no going back!

The wonders of being self-employed – I can pack up and leave albeit with some uncertainty but online RYPT Online coaching will continue to expand.

So firstly, I’d like to thank everyone at Pure Gym in Aberdeen, also everybody who attended my classes (outdoor too) and every single one of the connections that I’ve made in Aberdeen over the years.

It was truly a great place to work and I’ve nothing but the upmost respect for some of the hardest working professionals I’ve ever met.

In the prophetic words of Vinnie Jones: “It’s been emotional.”

We will see what the future holds but sometimes a change is good.

Looking back, I’ve trained many people – not only in Pure Gym but ASV, Nuffield and also other facilities. I can only hope that I’ve had a lasting impact on their lives, health and wellbeing.

So I thought that I would describe my ideal client (there have been quite a lot to choose from!). My ideal client would be someone who lives and breathes what RYPT is all about (they’re are numerous people that I could have chosen; Brian, Dan Reid, Leila, Brendan, Kevin and others).

In fact I had to have a real think about who to feature and changed my mind a few times!

This client deserves a mention so much so, that he no longer requires my one to one services and is happy with his own training!

I view self-sufficiency as the highest testament to my services.

At the end of the day, yes I need to make a living but ethically, I shouldn’t keep clients longer than THEY feel necessary!

My business depends as much on positive reviews and word of mouth as on financial income (yes that can be a bitter pill for my bank account to swallow sometimes).

Anyway this client (Daniel Dawson) has gone through my whole training regime and embodied everything that RYPT is about.

When Daniel approached me for a consultation last year, he was apprehensive about the gym environment and had some back pain. We chatted at length about what his ideal plan would look like and how we could achieve that.

The ideas of getting stronger and losing weight were discussed. The aim was to build his confidence so he would succeed over the longer term.

He now relishes the challenges of the gym and is trying to persuade others to follow suit (which he should obviously be rewarded for).

The first few sessions are always lower intensity (mainly nailing the warmup and basic bodyweight movements with the TRX).

Even from this stage, I could tell he was eager to learn more and that would become a recurring theme.

My plan at RYPT is quite regimented: Bodyweight then dumbbell progression, onto studio barbell weights and then finally the Olympic bar.

Once a client has completed this (via a mixture of training systems), they have achieved my intermediate level of coaching and don’t depend on me as a crutch.

Anytime we had a session, Daniel was always eager to progress onto the next exercise (often I had to force him to take rest periods and on many occasions he had me thinking on the spot as we had completed my entire session plan in 45 minutes).

He really got on board with the online content too. Engaging with RYPT Facebook posts, entering every competition (and unsurprisingly winning quite a few).

My content is always designed to give the best free value for my target audience and his questions featured in many blogs and vlogs.

Sessions with RYPT are not always about the training, it’s about discussing life and we covered various boundaries like stress and nutrition.

The plan with RYPT is combine the confidence of sessions with your own gym workouts and the RYPT app allows me to do this!

By working with the two together, I’m able to tailor my plans for more rapid progress, allowing for faster progression and not needing one-to-one (as discussed above).

Daniel was soon onto barbell workouts and it was almost a case of me trying to catch up to his level at points.

Above all, he embellishes the motto of RYPT: “sustainability, moderation and enjoyment.”

Yes, there were some tough workouts but I’m always assessing the client’s condition with questions like “how are you feeling?” and after asking “did you enjoy that?”

It allows me to create better sessions and not be the fitness coach who merely provides a workout buddy.

Above all, it was never a chore to train him as we both enjoy it and from there conversation opens up. Once you have a client’s trust then you can really see where they are struggling (and excelling).

Getting physically fit IS as much mental as physical and often life gets in the way (understandably).

I have had some really deep conversations in my life as a fitness coach and obviously these things remain personal. It definitely allows me to help people more when I can understand their stresses although it can take a while to get to the heart of the issue.

Emotions do really link into nutrition too and the WHY of what we eat what we do. Educating is a huge part of RYPT and we have had many chats along the way about best types of foods besides looking over nutrition and helping make good choices (with the active and busy job that he has). Education is what will last longer than being told what to do (which is what many nutritional programmes seem to neglect).

Once you understand, then you have a WHY and that’s the most powerful thing to the human mind as we can attach emotions to them and believe in it.

Furthermore, Daniel was never afraid of a challenge and was eager to attend as much as he could. Outdoor Fitness became a regular part of his schedule and it certainly build up his cardio (as I focus more on educating during the one to one sessions rather than standing by a treadmill – which I leave to clients in their own time).

Short bursts of running have built up his confidence so that he now has asked for a running plan (after signing up to a half marathon). That was very similar to how I started in health and fitness – I took a plunge after getting into running.

Now he has a very fixed goal and again is learning in the process.

It’s things like this that make me proud of say I’ve helped someone change their life.

It goes without saying that he has done all the hard graft and had a fantastic attitude – I’m delighted to say I’ve played a small part.

Running is a common theme with my clients. It’s not for everyone but it certainly features prominently in most clients plans.

The idea of having a set goal can prove motivational besides being subject to social pressure (is a great encouragement).

Daniel has also introduced a few friends and work colleagues to the gym which is worthy of a lot of credit.

One (Lauren) who has relished outdoor fitness too and is now thriving on the app. Another who was in for a group session last week and did a great job!

It really does go back to word of mouth and proving that RYPT is the way for beginners to hit their fitness goals.

Presently, Daniel is on the app and will be getting a free month as gratitude. I firmly believe that sometimes you need to sacrifice financial gain for providing better customer service and that is what RYPT is all about.

Well done Daniel – it’s been a privilege seeing how far you’ve come.

Good luck to those who begin the RYPT Festive Furnace today! Four weeks of RYPT online for free. I’ll be in contact with each of you throughout your journey.

If you missed out, don’t worry, the RYPT app has a 10 day free trial available. Why not see how far you can go and start your fitness journey today?

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