Play Better Golf Part 2

  • Shoot Lower Scores
  • No technical changes needed

In the long overdue follow-up to improving your golf game, this blog looks at the mental aspect and all-round basics.

There are numerous parallels between everyday psychology and that on the golf course. The elements that matter the most are the simplest


Much like setting yourself up for success, you need to know what you want to do before you execute.

Not having the faintest idea will leave you open to error. Therefore, if you can mentally visualise what you want achieve, it will focus the brain on the task at hand.

Having a pre shot routine is vital, see the shot or as they say in Caddyshack; “be the ball.”

Draw or fade, whatever it is, try to see it in as much detail as possible. Whether it’s a pillar, ship in the distance, edge of a house or anything make it as narrow as possible.

Mental Block

One bad score shouldn’t lead to another. That was one thing that stumped me perpetually, letting bad scores get to me.

As soon as you move on the next tee-box, the errors of the last hole become forgotten.

Anger is the one emotion which will destroy your golf game instantly so being in the present moment will certainly help you.

Concentrate on what’s ahead of you, not what you can’t control.


Yes, even on the golf course you need to ensure that you have enough hydration and nutrition.

Failing to do so will make it more challenging as concentration wavers plus energy levels drop. Even a small drop in energy will affect your performance.

For a slow energy release, try something like nuts or wholegrain products. Alternatively for an instant release try fruits or energy bars.

The combination of both is the most sensible solution.

Course management

Much like in life, finding the best worst option is sometimes sensible.

Rather than just aiming for fairways and greens, look at which side it’s best to miss on: perhaps there’s a slope or hazard on one side so leaving yourself an easier follow-up shot is the solution.

Courses are designed for people to fall into traps based on how the architects think you will play. See it as a game of chess: you will have mistakes along the way but a solid strategy will help you over the bigger picture.

This simple trick will reduce three-putts, issues with hazards and make the course at the mercy of you, not the other way around!

Try these quick fixes and let RYPT know if you shoot better this weekend.

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