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If you’re looking for help or inspiration look no further.

There is so much information out there it is difficult to know where to turn for reliable sources.

Over the years, I’ve read numerous (somewhat dubious) articles, primarily online and it makes me concerned about what people may be believing.

The truth is, the only information that is true, is what works for you.

Anecdotal evidence (which is mainly what you’ll find online) isn’t comprehensive or conclusive by any stretch of the imagination. At best it’s scaremongering and at worst it is providing false information.

As you can imagine, I’ve heard all sort of theories, beliefs and so on working with clients.

What sources can you trust?

1) Precision Nutrition / Ben Coomber

PN don’t publish anything that doesn’t have a basis in science. Whilst science and the human anatomy may differ on a few things, it’s far more reliable than listening to what works for one person in their blog.

With a ton of useful infographics and a focus on beginner’s fitness, it’s the ultimate one stop shop for research.

Well-written and easy to follow guides which nail the basics, are worth a look regardless of how advanced your knowledge is.

Highly recommended.


If you need the FACTS about a supplement or particular type of food, then look no further.

This website complies all the hard evidence about supplements (particularly the ones with ambiguous stories) providing complied evidence in one place.

If you need guidance on nutrition then here is the place to go.

It was founded by a doctor and the site is a little more upmarket than others around with cross references from journals and so on.

3) The PTDC

Designed primarily for personal trainers, this site revolves around the science behind physical fitness.

By analysing common gym mistakes and providing a better solution, this site is a must.

You could spend hours on here but even reading the occasional article is definitely time well spent.

Learning the correct methods and technique will improve your training much faster than battling alone.

Despite having some technical terms, it is easily accessible and worthy of bookmarking for dipping into.

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