The Detox Myth

> The biggest myth in health

> How to find what works

If I was asked what is the biggest money spinner in health and fitness, my bet would be on detoxing products.

Without generalising too much, it tends to be women who buy into these “cleansing” products.

It’s amazing that humans managed to exist for so many years without having our livers purified with these miraculous products.

I’ve blogged about this in the past and apologies if you’ve read this message already.

There are numerous reasons why I don’t buy into the myth.

For starters, unlike a balanced nutritional plan, where there can be tangible evidence of results, most detoxes do nothing other than mean spending longer in the bathroom.

The anecdotal evidence (such as seen in infomercials) seems to be the main basis of claims.

Little scientific evidence exists to say that detoxes make as large a change as expected.

Considering the high costs / frequency of these detox products, you should expect a lot more.

The overall impact of detoxing is designed to eliminate chemicals from the body but this is nothing that a carefully managed meal planner won’t achieve.

Yes, it is good for the body to take some downtime from toxins like caffeine and alcohol but there’s no reason why they should be totally sacrificed.

I can see the appeal but all these added extras like special tea and cleansing products have little discernible effect.

I go through stages where I reduce my intake of certain food types like I’ll try to reduce my dairy intake if I feel it’s irritating my stomach.

The key is to listen to your body. If you think you could feel better without something then eliminate it.

I’ve reduced and modified my intake of foods to discover what was causing me irritation. Over time I have found that I am feeling better due to this and more all-round balance.

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