The Game of Risk

* We should be scared!

* Why fear controls our lives

Sometimes we need to take risks to get further in life.

Whether that’s changing career, actually joining a gym or just taking a leap into the unknown.

If we only do what we are comfortable with we will soon run out of possibilities.

For most people, joining a gym is a big step and going is yet another one. It’s understandable that people are nervous about starting in a busy gym. That feeling of being watched and self-conscious is hard to avoid.

For Monday, I was in a situation completely out of my depth…

See, I was moving items to Inverness (as my girlfriend is headed up there). I was encouraged into hiring a van — which was out of my comfort zone for a start. I accepted the fact that it would be a small can and convinced myself.

On Monday I turned up with an expectation of a small van. However, I found that it was lot bigger than the one I had booked!!

I must admit to begin with that I certainly wasn’t comfortable initially. More so the fact that mentally I had convinced myself that it would be difficult to drive a van that large.

How would reverse work with no rear mirror? Will it be diesel? How will I be able to park it on our street?

And so forth, you get the idea!

After a few minutes, I was settled and began to adjust to life as a “white van man.” Driving a van 200 miles in a day was certainly outwith my comfort as drive pretty infrequently anyway. Despite all of my mental objections, I was focused on the present (not fearing what could happen!)

In the end, the trip was a success and the larger van probably was needed to shift the stuff. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and I wouldn’t rule out doing it again.

It was through taking a chance that I changed my perspective and often it’s the mind thinking of the worst case scenario that puts you off.

For many people, they think that they’re too unfit to start exercising but with RYPT, it’s designed for beginners. Once you’ve found your feet then we start to progress (See the RYPT Vlog on environment for what I mean).

I understand that fitness is daunting with so many people in an enclosed space. However, they are there to improve their lives and at least talking the step to change your life is something that you’ll NEVER regret.

Our brain is programmed to conjure up the worst case scenario in order to protect ourselves (it’s a basic survival instinct). Worrying about who will be there, what they will think and why you will be unable to do it is all part of the brains primary role.

Furthermore, social judgement is one of the biggest demotivators we can face. As humans we are social creatures and being thought of negatively impacts our decision making. We will never be able to change what other people think but self-preservation is one of many factors that the brain deals with.

(Anyome who tells you “they don’t care what others think” is lying because all psychological research points to the important of groups and belonging.)

The brain is complex in many ways, yet simple too (once you know what to do). Prediction and response are two ways that you can harness your anxiety. “If” this happens “then” — by knowing, from experience, what your brain will want to do / think, you are already in a powerful position.

So, I’m asking you to listen to your brain and also ignore it! RYPT is here for you, I’m not expecting miracles and I appreciate where you are in life.

Fourth last Outdoor Fitness is on tonight at 18.30. Express book-in details will be on the RYPT Facebook page at 13.00 or email me!

Entries are still open for the “Game-Changer”! Email for an application form. Remember, no gimmicks, a free four week plan to change your life (regardless of time, location or equipment) as long as you pass the application process!


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