When Fear Stops You Getting Fit

  • The thought of getting fit
  • Why fear should not hold you back

It was my intention to write this blog a few months ago but I didn’t get round to it!

I certainly had my eyes opened (to some extent) by a film that I watched. It wasn’t my usual type of film but I found out firsthand that I could expand my horizons.

The film which I stumbled upon was normally one that I would avoid at all costs. I don’t normally do horror movies but this one intrigued me.

The Purge, if you’re not aware is about a fictional America where all crimes are legal for 24 hours. Although not the most scary horror movie I would normally veer away from it. I think the concept drew me in!

Anyway, without giving too much away, the film was gripping and definitely changed my perception.

A worthwhile watch, although maybe not the sequels (that I ended up watching up too) talk about being addicted!

It’s very similar to what I’ve encountered in fitness, more specifically newbies to fitness classes (such as spin) which I have taken.

I could always see the hesitation prior to class when they would introduce themselves. Reassuring them was often the first step but it was still daunting for them.

I was maybe not as hardcore as the other instructors were but I would progressively make it more difficult and leave it at the participants discretion as to overall difficulty. They would still get pushed to their limits without being full on – it was more about planning and having a routine to cater for all (that was definitely an acquired skill!)

That very much mirrors my own philosophy – progress at a pace you’re comfortable with and enjoy it!

The attitude of “going all out” wasn’t what I practiced, sure if the class was advanced then I would but in general, it was about the overall intensity not creating spontaneous surges.

Although, new participants would have no idea of this (regardless of how much they were reassured).

I used to love seeing the progress of participants, especially when they were regular attendees and almost addicted to the process.

That’s the most rewarding part of the job, for sure!

Similar to horror movies, if you have a perception of them (which in some cases maybe true) you will have a resilience to trying them.

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to get results. I see this particularly with older clients who want to get back in shape (seeing that I don’t preach 100 miles per hour rather a steady, consistent pace). Once they click with the progress (by enjoying it) it becomes a simple process of getting results.

Who knows you may even surprise yourself and find that getting fit is not a horror story.

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