There is a BIG PROBLEM at Content Creators Coalition (c3).

Photo courtesy of the Content Creators Coalition

His name is Jeffrey Boxer and I was sexually harassed by him. I have been afraid to come forward, not just because he is an attorney and holds a powerful position at c3, but because of what he did to me in September of 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am an Americana musician and met Jeffrey Boxer through mutual friends. In the early summer of 2016, the subject of the upcoming Americana Fest in Nashville came up. My interest was obvious to everyone in our group, but I couldn’t afford to pay for the trip plus take a week off from work.

Jeffery Boxer told me that c3 invited aspiring musicians to their festival every year. If I could get myself to Nashville, and was willing to work as a member of their volunteer crew, then c3 would provide a place for me to stay, as well as access to the festival performances. I was thrilled, accepted the opportunity and saved every penny.

As the event date drew near, I emailed him to find out where I would be staying. He assured me the offer still stood but he didn’t have the details yet. I knew how busy he was, so I let him know when I would be there, and asked him to email the info as soon as he could. He mentioned that I would have a good deal of free time, and I distinctly recall him saying to me, “You’re barely going to see me.”

Well, I did see him…a lot. First, upon landing in Nashville, I was surprised that he personally picked me up at the airport and told me that he had made plans for “us.” He took me to dinner and a concert but it felt increasingly odd to me with each passing hour, like we were on a date, not at all like we were friendly colleagues hanging out.

At the end of the night, he drove me to my “accommodations,” which turned out to be a foam mattress on the living room floor of HIS Airbnb, and a “shared” bathroom, that I could only access by walking through HIS bedroom.

Before I could address the magnitude of the problem I found myself in, I had to deal with the immediate problem of needing to use the bathroom. These were my options: I could hold it until morning, go outside or walk through his bedroom. I knocked on the door and hurried toward the bathroom when he said, “Make sure to turn off the cameras in there.” I laughed nervously, but thought to myself, “This is all wrong.” I then remembered something he’d said in a conversation prior to my trip to Nashville, “I want to thank you in advance for telling everybody I’m not creepy.” I’d already noticed that he frequently said off-putting remarks in a joking manner as a way of diffusing their offensive and aggressive content.

I returned to the living room almost frozen with fear and disbelief. It became irrefutably clear that I’d been duped and manipulated. My trip was a complete bust. Jeffrey Boxer had lied to me and I was in an extremely vulnerable position. Was it just me feeling on edge from all this strangeness, or was it the clattering echo of his belt buckle hitting the hardwood floor that made me want to bolt out the door?

I knew I was in trouble. There had been months for these accommodations to be arranged and he had assured me that they had been. I quietly gathered my things and crept out of the apartment in the middle of the night, afraid that he would hear me leaving. The only place I found that I could afford was a filthy motel that smelled of urine. I did not sleep at all.

The next morning, I immediately reported everything that had happened to Chelsea Crowell. Ms. Crowell is the only female employee in the entire organization of c3. She was incredibly sympathetic and utterly shocked to hear Jeff failed to provide me with my own accommodations as he had promised.

That said, despite her following all of the protocols and procedures required in a case like this, nothing was communicated to me from the organization’s upper management, until I received an email on October 23, 2017 (13 months later), from the President of c3, Melvin Gibbs.

I have attached the email here, in the hopes that someone will read it for what it is. Not only does it come off as a robo-letter but it makes absolutely no sense. It claims to have investigated the incident but I was never contacted. It claims there were sanctions leveled against Jeffrey Boxer but never specifies what those sanctions are.

Bottom line: After 14 months of making my sexual harassment report to c3, Jeffrey Boxer still holds his position at the organization and no action has been taken to prevent him from doing this again that I’m aware of.

I have NOTHING to gain by writing this, but any woman left alone with Jeffrey Boxer has everything to lose if I do not share my story.

Rosy Nolan