la reina

Hey y’all! Rosy here.

First off, I wanna thank y’all for following our story. We love our life so much and we’re so grateful that other people actually wanna hear about it. It’s humbling.

John gave us his take on our wedding day. I’m going to tell you about the next most important day of my life — the day my daughter Reina was born.

La Reina means “the queen” in Spanish. During my twenties, I always worked in restaurants. I always wore sassy clothes and had a sassy attitude…so, I earned the nickname “la reina” among all the Latinos in the kitchen.

I grew to love that so much that I decided I wanted to name my daughter Reina. Thankfully, John was on board.

On March 24th, 2007, Reina was born. She was born in Chicago, Illinois…oh, and she was two weeks late. John’s whole family came to visit from Tampa the week of her due date….only, she never came! They went back home…and only then was she born.

Thankfully, we had a lot of friends in Chicago at that time. So they brought me gorgeous bouquets and arrangements from Amling’s Flowerland…that beautified our house for a whole week after Reina came into the world.

Reina is now 10. She’s just as sassy as her name says. But she’s also incredibly talented musically. She sings, dances, acts…

and, just like her parents…

she plays guitar.