Recent challenging learning experience.

Technology is evolving and learning new things at times becomes difficult. Therefore, we face a lot of challenges while learning new things. Personally, learning how to install and customize Intrusion Detection System(IDS) was challenging. Bro and Snort open source intrusion detection system(IDS) are based on Unix system where I had to install them, compare which is the best and provide a solution to under resourced companies which cannot afford to buy the security devices (firewalls, cyberoam IDS).

Installing bro was difficult, in Linux one has to install the required dependencies. Some dependencies would not install due to incompatibility with the version of the software. Therefore, I had to watch video tutorials, research literature related work and seek help from my school facilitators. This took a longer duration than what I had scheduled for my final year project and I had to adjust to late night sleep to accomplish the task. With the main goal of information security and cyber security in my mind I kept the focus so as to solve the challenge to the under resourced companies. I managed to install the dependencies but still installing the Bro IDS couldn’t work. Later I learnt I had to reconfigure the dependencies to the same path with Bro IDS. Then tested on the school network. At first it did not work due to configuration problems with the school network. I reconfigured the network to suite the customized Bro IDS and was able to compare the two Intrusion Detection system and came up with a solution to assist the companies.

Good advice to those in technology field, never give up, every day is a learning day and experience. Seek help and research, don’t die alone.