5 Switchable Automatic Knife to Must Include in Your Collection

Nothing is more satisfying for a collector of things to find a new item to add to his collection. If you are looking for something new to widen your switchable automatic knife collection, you are lucky to be in today time. This is the age of the internet and a massive growth in every sphere of life be it technology or communication. Life has never been easier for those who love to get in touch with the people from different parts of the world. Buying a high quality knife can also be extremely easy and convenient if you can make the purchase online. Not only will save your time and hassle but will also prove to be a lot economical than travelling to a physical store.

Look some of the classiest Switchblade automatic knives for you collection:

Hit Man Large concealed-Dual Action Switchblade Automatic Knife:

  • The blade can be opened in two ways.
  • Fire the blade by pressing on a hidden release point, and it will fire the same as any automatic knife switchblade, a spring will release it open.
  • The knife has a semi-concealed safety lock.
  • Excellent semi-serrated edge.
  • The construction of blade is very solid.

Karli Stiletto Switchblade Automatic Knife With Bayonet Blade:

  • The firing system is good and healthy.
  • The blade opens with a bang sound which is quite scary for the front person.
  • The handle’s scales material are made-up of good quality.
  • The guards, rivets and bolsters are made of stainless steel and brass.

Xiong Tao Large Switchblade Automatic Knife With Blade:

  • This knife is made for intense, frequent usage and not just for the showoff.
  • Construction of the knife is very solid, every part locks firmly and they doesn’t wobble anywhere.
  • Firing button is based on a coiled internal spring.
  • Opened blade is firmly locked by an internal pin.
  • A nylon case is provided with a knife for carrying purpose.

Smith&Wesson Extreme Ops Mid-Size Switchblade Automatic Knife Blade:

  • There is a good correlation between the construction-quality of a switchblade automatic knife and its weight.
  • Cheap mid-size switchblades are usually light, around 4 ounces.
  • The knife’s handle is made-up of aluminum from a well reputed source.
  • The edge of the knife is very sharp and serration.
  • The knife comes with sturdy non-removal clip.

Pro-Tech Sprint Small Switchblade Automatic Knife With Black Blade:

  • Pro tech knives has 45 years of cutlery experience in industry
  • This knife has superb quality material features a hollow ground, satin finish spear blade made of S35VN.
  • The knife is very secure to carry without the necessity for having a blade safety lock.

Men’s Personal Effect have some of the classy and highly safety based Switchblade Automatic Knives with different features in built in it, the knifes are dual mode operating system that helps you in any situation without any technical problem. Check our online store now to view our complete range of automatic switchblade knives.

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