Types of Astrology Featuring Different Zodiac Signs

Astrology is a science and it is the study of the connection between the relative placements of specific celestial bodies as well as life below on earth. Astrology comes from the Greek words Astron. It is a technique which has established over countless years by countless cultures all over the world given that its earliest videotaped beginnings in the third millennium BC.


History of Astrology

Although the terms astrology and astronomy have long been correlated with each other, astrology actually precedes both astronomy and also psychology. The earliest recognized astrological documents could be traced to Babylon as far back as 1645 BC and nevertheless, the history of astrology does not comply with one certain timeline, yet rather three independent branches we describe as Western astrology, Indian or Jyotish astrology as well as Chinese or Eastern Oriental astrology.

Types of Astrology

A practitioner of astrology is called an astrologer and an astrologer needs to have the fundamental knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. Online Astrologer believe that the positions of the stars and planets at the time of our birth can bring many insights to our life such as knowledge, luck, or love and for this reason many people are enthusiastic to know about their zodiac signs and use them as a way to understand more about themselves, guide them in their successes, and overcome trials. There are 3 major types of astrology featuring different zodiac signs and it is up to you to decide which one you prefer to follow. They are:

  • Indian Astrology
  • Western Astrology
  • Chinese Astrology

Indian Astrology: Basically, the zodiac signs in Indian Astrology Prediction, whether Hindu, Jyotish or Vedic, are more or less the same as the Western astrology’s zodiac signs, though they are named differently. But the only difference is the location of the zodiac signs in the sky. And for this reason, Indian astrology analyzes the stars’ movement.

Indian Astrology Prediction

Western Astrology: Among 3 types of astrology, Western Astrology is the most popular one because figuring out a zodiac sign in this astrology is very easy. In this astrology, the zodiac signs are termed as the sun or star signs. To know your sun sign, all you have to look at your birth date and find which specific sun sign falls under it. Under this type of astrology, there are mainly 12 different zodiac signs.

Western Astrology

Chinese Astrology: In Chinese astrology, the zodiac signs are not based on the inevitability or of the ecliptic sections, but they are named after animals and with an interval of one sun year and one lunar month for each sign which is based on the Chinese calendar. This means that within a year only one Chinese zodiac sign rules and that it will take about 11 years for it to rule again and the twelve zodiacs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Chinese Astrology

Online Astrology Services In India helps us in making our life smooth, hassle-free and uncomplicated. So to know your future from the above three astrology you can follow any type of astrology and zodiac sign whatever you want.





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