Various Types of Massage Techniques and Benefits

Various studies show that massage can be beneficial to individual in various ways. It can improve blood circulation, provide relaxation, help in the treatment of various ailments, etc. it is important for individuals to seek the suitable type of massage therapy among many.

A Study showed that infants with premature births who received massage therapy gained 47% more weight and stayed 6 days less in the hospital on average. Similarly,in another study massage therapy has shown to reduce treatment costs by 15–50%. Overall, there are many proven benefits to massage therapy including benefits to elderly with various ailments and infants who were exposed to cocaine (Greene Elliot, Massage therapy, 2016). Massage treatment methods can also be easy to obtain for individuals.For example, a massageboll come in a small enough size to be carried around at all times.

The origin ofscientific massage therapy can be traced to Henrik Ling, a Swede who developed a combination of active and passive exercise. Today, massage is widely used healing solution. It is used by traditional healers, as well as alternative, medical communities (Greene Elliot, Massage therapy, 2016). It is also possible for individuals to get health insurance coverage for this medical treatment. This may be due some reasons such as small treatment costs, requirement of simple equipment such as a massagebänk and many proven benefits.Additionally, there are many different types of massages that individuals can use for treatments. Such massage types include reflexology, Swedish massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, etc. The following is a list of various types of massage treatments.

Swedish Massage :

Swedish massage therapy is one of the most well known massage therapies. The goal of this therapy is to relax the entire body by keeping in mind the blood circulation flow. Long gliding strokes accompanied by rubbing the muscles can help achieve such relaxation for patients.

But Swedish massage therapy is known to dig deeper in treating ailments. Swedish massage is useful for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and decreasing the stress hormone known as Cortisol.Swedish massage therapy is also known to increase white blood cells, which form our immune system (Massage Envy, What is Swedish Massage Therapy?, 2016).

Sports Massage :

Sports massage can seem similar to deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. However, sports massage specializes in helping athletic performance on the body. It can help individuals train, perform better and recover quickly from an injury. Sports massage is also used in between games by athletes to address problem areas immediately before a more detailed treatment later. During this therapy, technique of the massage must address the physiology of the soft tissue complaint(Susan G. Salvo, Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice,2015).

Reflexology :

Some say that reflexology is technically not a type of massage. However, reflexology can provide benefits similar to other types of massage for individuals. During a reflexology session, therapists apply pressure to the reflex zones of individuals such as foot, hands and ears. Such areas carry nerves which pass signals to the entire body. By applying necessary amount of pressure, individuals can experience relaxation and improved lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. It is important for individuals to communicate the levels of pain they experience to their therapists during such sessions. Additionally, it is important for individuals to distinguish between foot massage and reflexology. (Carol Wiley, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REFLEXOLOGY AND MASSAGE?, 2013).

It is important for individual patients to have access to quality equipment for massage handy. Simple equipment such as massage ball can be used every day at homes and in offices for more relaxation. One company which sells massage tillbehör in a wide variety is Kebo Care Fysio.