People in Los Angeles

Maria Roszyk
Jul 6, 2018 · 9 min read
Pink dressed girl in the financial district, DTLA. She was there with a group of friends at photo shooting. It seemed to me as she’s an aspiring it girl. She agreed on the portrait immediatelly and complemented on my bike, which was very kind of her.
She agreed to be captured. When I asked her to remain still for like 40 seconds, she responded: “I can’t. I’m paid for waving my hand.” I captured her anyway, so there is no hand at all cause the software do not know how to deal with that movement.

Photogrammetry — technically

LEFT: 100+ DSLR photogrammetry rig, source: RIGHT: 1893 photographer’s studio (United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division)
Check Luska and other Az’s photogrammetries here:


She seemed to be monumental in the light gallery space in MAF. Her body-statue refered to artworks around.
I explained the Spanish-speaking woman not to move using a lot of gestures.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Venice Beach, 1976 by Al Satterwhite, source:
I was waiting in line to make that portrait, there was a little man before me so proud to take a picture with the big man. Muscle Man was very still, I felt almost like capturing stone statue. He gave me his card afterwards and ask to follow him on Facebook.
Artist from Mexico leading the workshop at LACMA on natural painting techniques.
Cave-like way was made out of the background. I decided to limit the reconstruction area to keep it, because the image of the man asking for some $ at cross-road was just merged with the background so that was no other way to keep the figure.

RC workflow

alignment — point cloud reconstruction

What’s next?

Maria Roszyk

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