How I got my time back!

I thought I knew my time, I thought it was my friend and we could do great things together at a certain moment. 
As years passed, now I’m 29, I realized we hadn’t been much help for one another. Yes, we managed to finish important tasks, and yes, we learned important funny or painful lessons but we did not learn about each other much. 
We kind of get along until I’m running late, I postpone meetings, deadlines, vacations, alarm clock, diet, meal, sports etc. 
I’ve come to realize at 29 that my time rules me and I didn’t even notice that I had so many projects left behind(even that shrimp pasta recipe I wanted to try 2 months ago, still on my mind but not on my time). 
So I decided to read, try and find out how can I make the most of my time.

Of course first on my list were apps(what can be easier than apps to manage my time, since I’m on my phone or laptop most of my time?). And I was nice to set work time, break time, count steps and meals and calories. 
But….I realized I’ve become more and more addicted to technology and that’s what I’ve been trying not to lately.

Next attempt was, paper. Agenda, notepads, sticky notes, you name it. My car was full of sticky notes with grocery list, to-do list and “drink water” signs. 
But….I realized that I was wasting paper aka trees and that’s what I’m trying to avoid lately and be more aware of my “home” called earth.

Next on my list were books. I’ve come to the idea that I have to be time, I have to internalize time, learn everything about it and every trick to master it. 
But….I realized I became more focused on habits, tricks than doing what I am supposed to do. I was waking up early, have cold showers, drink lemon juice, doing online groceries, online meetings and sleeping tactics that I just don’t want to talk about.

But then….something struck me. We are loosing time trying to gain more time and trying to use it wisely. My mother and grandmother just had things wrote on their fridge door because they thought “ Well, the fridge is the only place everyone of my family will see many times a day!”.

The fridge door is the key to my time. And as stupid as it sounds I gave my last try to it. And guess what? 
I find myself drinking coffee in the morning while looking at my fridge door that shows me main daily activities and what better moment to visualize your day than morning and with a coffee in your hand?
No more paper, no more apps, no more trick just me and my door fridge each and every morning. No time wasting trying to save time, no more money on apps, no more trees to suffer.

A few days ago I find a great dry erase calendar with magnetic back, and my fridge is happy. I spend 1 hour a month to schedules important things like projects, deadlines, birthdays, meeting, diet plan and each morning I can keep track of my time.
Is it for you? I don’t know, but each and every one of us has a fridge door, why not give a try? It can be your best morning coffee friend or it can put you on the road if things are not getting done on time.
My time saver: my fridge door!
One tip: dry erase calendar with magnetic back, I bought mine on Amazon, there are plenty of design you can choose from. I picked one that had 3 mini magnets with deadline, birthday and vacations(only 3 simple things that matter).

Here’s mine: