Seriously. Ideas that look great, sell great.

Scrolling down the endless lists of Product Hunt, you tend to see the same trends repeat themselves day-by-day. Take a stab at any one of the numerous startups throwing their product in the limelight, and you’ll notice a few things:

  • A simple one word name that (many times)has nothing to do with the product at all.
  • A fancy image which displays the products simplicity, and modern nature.
  • A description that sounds straight out of a VC pitch from Silicon Valley.
  • Oh, and if it’s a tech startup — remember to have a fancy domain name tagged along.

But I’ll admit it. Even though I know of these trends, I can’t help but indulge in each and every single one of these products.

Just the other day, I was in the midst of my everyday morning hunt. In essence, it’s the few minutes I’m isolated from the rest of the world, and just take in the experience of new ideas. I was sitting cross-legged on my favorite seat in the dining room, and my eyes drifted across the page to a markdown editor called Caret. As an avid programmer, and writer — simplicity is always something that appealed to me. I leaped off my seat (spilling some of my oatmeal in the process), and ran to my desktop upstairs. Less than 25 minutes after discovering the product, I had already purchased it.

I spent $25 on a markdown editor that instead of having features, lacks them. And I felt good about it.

After toying around with the software for a good few hours, I realized — I didn’t really need it. For me, a word processing software, and Visual Studio Code (for programming of course) really sealed the deal. But what the software did manage to do, was help me realize that:

“Ideas that look great, sell great.”

When I take a look at the software I use on a daily basis, it strikes me that not one of them goes without careful detail to User Interface design. It’s like you took beauty and drained it through a blender into each and every one of their little windows, on my tiny desktop.

None the less, taking Product Hunt as an example is a simple way to view, really, how dedication to design… sells.

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