On Feb 22, 2018 I will be giving a talk about Detox at Assert(js) Conf in San Antonio, TX. Following my CFP acceptance, I was requested to answer a few questions as part of the Assert(js) Speaker Series.

Assert(js): How do you convince management or clients that testing is important ?

I’d like to take server development at Wix as an example for…

Work in Progress (Photo by Pete Wright)

As we set a goal to create detox, our cross platform e2e graybox testing framework, we began working on its Android version. The first step was implementing a tool to help us access native API directly. This is react-native-invoke.

Following Tal Kol’s post and work on react-native-invoke for iOS, we are happy to announce that v0.2 is out with full support for Android.

These are still early stages of the project, and we would love to hear your feedback.

Rotem Meidan

Mobile Infrastructure Engineer at Wix.com

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