College Vs High School Will Your Social Life adjust?

I remember spending time with my friend in high school not having to agonize about too much. I remember going to my friend’s house, we discussed many different topics and played videogames. We could play for hours, whether it was an xbox game or a Nintendo Wii game. We would play just to have fun and to hang out with each other. But coming into college for me was a modification in my social life. In my experience, the social aspect of high school and college is different. There is a difference in time management, responsibilities that can affect your social life. Even though it may be a small change from a social in high school, or a bigger change than it was in high school.

In high school, what do students worry about when they are trying to pick a college or going into college. Some students think about their academics, classes, and self-care. But do students think their social lives may change going into college. For some students, they might go to college with some friends while others know nobody. In college a student meets new people and make new friends. In high school, if you have stayed in the same town, you have friends from elementary and middle school. You have a community that you may have grown up in while in college you make a new community of friends.

You also create a support group at college.

“I think I have actually gotten more social. As I have been transitioning into college just because I don’t have my family to hang out with as support and that kind of thing. And so I definitely spend more time just connecting with my peers and friends and things.”

Creating a support group is important in college. You don’t have your parents to do stuff for you, like cooking, getting groceries, reminding you to do things. Some student didn’t go to college knowing anybody. Having a support group gives you friends who you can talk to, discuss your day, stress and worries. Not having a group of individuals to help support you through college can be tough.

I surveyed 2nd year college student asking how they think their social lives have changed since coming to college. Some said their social lives have improved. One person stated that:

“Well my social circles are different. I had one group that I would hang out in high school, and they were friends from youth group, church and some of them went to the same school. My social life has greatly increased since coming to college. It greatly increased because I live in the dorms and because I am constantly around people. I interact with them more. People in my class, and living in the dorm, you see people in lobbies or lounges or you go meet new people by knocking on their doors. So I would say that my social life has increased greatly since coming to college.”

A lot of students said that they have improved in socializing with other people. You get to meet a lot of individuals and sometimes you become good friends with them. You get to see people all around campus and if you live in the dorms, you have roommates, and for some, suitemates. You can befriend them and meet new people through them too. In dorms, you have neighbors and people in your hall to meet. There are many different oppertunies college students have living in the dorms, but there can also be benefits to living off campus. Some of the benefits are that you can also have housemates. For some students they live with other college students off campus. They can have more housemates than in a dorm.

In a blog from, How College is Different than High School by Jennifer Klein and Alicia LaPolla, one of the difficulties in college is time management. And in a 2015 article from, Effects of College Life on Students Time-Management Skills by Tami Strang, they said that 53 percent of people said that it was difficult to manage their time in college than it was in high school. In college you have to schedule your time. You have classes, homework, studying, self-care, and socializing. Students have responsibilities that they take care of. Everyone has a different schedule than their peers. So if a few friends want to have lunch or get a coffee together they have to plan it into their schedule.

Responsibilities are different in college than in high school too. In high school you are more dependent on your parents than you are in college. All your basic needs are taken care of by your parent, food, appointments, and more. But in college you have to worry about yourself. When you need to go grocery shopping, make your own appointments. You also have to remind yourself of things that you need to take care of. For example, eating, hydration, and sleep is some of the things students have to take care of on their own. These are important things for a college student to take care of but on top of taking care of themselves, they have homework, class, and hanging out with friends.

In college you also get to meet a lot more people. Each quarter you are in different classes, you can be in clubs, events, dorms, dining halls. You meet new people everywhere. Each quarter students get new classes, usually not with the same people in class with the quarter before. In high school, you have the same classes for the year and are more likely to be in the same classes as your classmates the year before. In clubs you get see people throughout the whole year and possibly the next years to come.

In an article on the by Brian Harke “High School to College Transition, Part Three: Social Challenges”. They stated that 34 percent of the students who were coming into college dropped out. They said this is because they were overconfident, and had unrealistic expectations. From the 34 percent of students, they said approximately 70 percent of them dropped out. Because they were not prepared for the social aspect of college. They also took another survey asking high school student what worried them about going to college. 74 percent of students did not worry about the social aspect of college. Socializing in college is an important aspect of college.

For some college students, their social lives have changed. Whether it was because of their responsibilities, or time management. A college student’s social lives change, whether they are minor changes or major changes to their lives. Meeting new people on campus and making new friends can be a great experience. Having a support group, and a community of people you care about surround you is a great experience to have in college.