So I missed a couple of days of writing. Can you blame me? its Avurudu season which to a social media guy means hectic work hours and staying in front of a screen when the auspicious times hit.

So while I was away not much happened. Except for a friends wedding:

and oh a trip to Colombo’s hip new pizza pallor Giovanni’s (the bacon pizza is to live for). No pics of the food because none of us waited two seconds to dive into the gooey goodness of cheese and meat.

Also cycled:

Not in that particular chronological order. So okay maybe a few things happened.

Avurudu day tho? As if staying home in the heat wasn’t bad enough all hell broke loose with work related stuff. Pretty much spent the entire evening recovering and fixing pot holes as they came.

Also the fact that I haven’t had any Avurudu food or kiribath makes me cranky. Did I mention the heat?

I actually cleaned the fan hoping that it would go faster and generate more cool air. Fans are known to collect dust on their wings or whatever you call them, that weights it down as slows the speed. I also changed the bed sheets. The ones I had were some sort of polyester silky thing that irritated when I sweat through the night.

Result: The cotton sheets and cleaned up fan shows slight sighs of improvement.

Featured in these photos are Himal Malinthe AyshMarQ චඃ and more.

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