I’m going to keep this short because I have to be at a place tomorrow morning at 8am which means I should wake up super early.

Today I had most probably the longest day in a while.

I went to a meeting at the clients place at 10 and came back at 5ish. At least today we didn’t skip lunch like yesterday.

Came back to the office only because we had a Avurudu party. Proud to say I came in second place in the drinking coke with a pacifier on.

After a while I went upstairs and dos some of the work I missed out on, you know… because I was at a meeting all day. Also most because I just wanted to be in the AC!

Then after a bit of hesitation we ended up at the Jeson Derulo concert. Have to say the boy can dance and sing ah! Unlike the previous international artist buggers who lip sync and all. Good show JD ma man. It was a very short session but meh… I’m not too upset about it.

The first thing I did once I got home was clean the bathroom mirror because it was misty. I mean how else am I going to see my pretty face? Not that I can… because I take off my glasses when I go to he bathroom.

And so yeah… here we are at the end of a very long day. Good night/morning.

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