Interestingly enough today is my mothers birthday. Happy birthday mama he writes in a place she’ll [hopefully] never see. Don’t worry I did wish her in person and give her a gift. Even took selfies with mama and nangi to mark the occasion. My part is done.

Apart from the lunch at Chinese Dragon (which happens to be our family go to spot for special occasions) today was a rather slow day. Dada isn’t around (he’s working abroad) so none of his usual shenanigans this time.

Cycling in the rain happened. Hopefully I don’t catch a cold tomorrow morning. Ah yes tomorrow, back to work. Rather back to normal work routine because I didn’t really have a holiday.

The thought of commute going back to normal and ironing clothes is the part I dread! Damn these holz disturbing my work flow.

To be honest I’d rather be at work under the AC and freeze than be home and boil.