“ I’m practicing caveat lector” — excellent. Good job admit that your statements are subjective.

Lol. I do believe you honestly think you are demonstrating something other than exactly why it’s impossible to take these incredibly stupid rants on Medium and the even dumber comments seriously.

The movie you’re referencing isn’t an Adam Sandler comedy. You’re either ignorant as to how to use context clues, or intentionally deceitful. Don’t expect kudos for either.

You don’t even understand what the word “opinion” means.

You, the great comment writer, seem to be suffering under the delusion that “because I said so” is criteria enough to dismiss every credible fact-checking source. Hilarious!

You continue to assert that ‘facts show” something without providing any actual facts.

Now I really am done…I’m finding myself so amused by your ridiculousness, I’m afraid I might sink to the same level, and while that might feel good in the moment, I would be ashamed afterwards.

Peace! Enjoy the “non-horror” Trump presidency!