2 months down.. 10 more to go

Today is the last day in February 2017 and I am really happy with the progress I have made in my writing challenge. I started 2017 with a challenge to write everyday of the year, not necessarily long or very deep articles. It has been really exciting and I am glad I haven’t faltered and I really look forward to March and other days, weeks and months of the year.

2 months down, 10 more to go; I started this journey after reading Orisirisi’s medium stories and following up with her writing journey of last year. She wrote everyday of the year last year and that was the motivation needed to do mine too. I am trying my best and putting everything together not to jinx it.

I have learnt to be inspired by everything around me as regards my daily documentations. I have been inspired by Jollof Rice, Animals, Death, Loss, Joy, Gratitude, Social Media and so much more. I have learnt not too always wait for the perfect title or the perfect story-line. I always write as I am inspired and as it comes to mind; from poems to odes to photo stories and I look forward doing so much more in the coming months.

Special thanks to everyone who has read, recommended and shared my works. Special thanks to Danfomatic and Devcenterco for publishing my works on their medium publications.

Keep reading and I won’t stop writing!

Please recommend and share