A Town

A Town

Me: Story Story

Them: Story

Me: Once upon a time

Them: Time Time

Me: In a land not too far way, there lived an old man. He was old and very agile (at least we thought he was agile), he was very passionate about his town that he tried his best to lead his town. He used his “agility”, money and even his influence; all in a bid to lead his town out of their distress. Several people eventually agreed that he might be good enough for the town because of the challenges the town was facing. Also, the current leader was really misbehaving and people hated the way he was managing the town, especially the town’s resources. Eventually, he became the leader and other towns celebrated with this town. They had high hopes because this new leader is integrity-personified (or we thought so). Everyone believed in him because they had heard his stories and how he was passionate about the town. People agreed on the “passionate” part because he contested for this position for 12 years before eventually getting it.

Part 1

To be continued……