Funny People, Funny Nation

I don’t know why I chose this picture, I like it.

Nigeria is a country that never ceases to amuse me, this country is a great comic relief. I love this country so much but, at times I just can’t help but laugh at our people. Nigeria is a very blessed country, we are blessed with all kinds of things; from talented people to very fantastic mischief makers.

I once heard of a joke, the person said “if the countries in the world were TV stations and God was watching TV, if He wanted to watch comedy, He will tune the TV to Nigeria.” We are people who are very full of life despite our problems, every new problem or situation is another joke. Out of our disturbing situations, we can always deduce a joke from it. Nigerians are happy people and that is very good and commendable.

However, the reason I titled this as “Funny People, Funny Nation” is because of what happened through out this week. The hot topic this week was that of President Muhammadu Buhari’s presumed death. I was really surprised when the rumour was everywhere; social media and even discussions among Nigerians. People were spreading false news of the President’s death, how funny can we be? Was that for jokes too or it was for real? How can you wish someone dead? Often times we forget that some things are not to be joked with.

Nigerians are very funny because some Nigerians were actually wishing the President was dead. Across Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp; many people were just spreading ridiculous and very stupid talks of the President’s death. As human being who will eventually die, why should we be wishing someone death? Many Nigerians are sad and probably angry because of the recession, lack and pains we are going through as a Nation. I do not blame them for the sadness/poverty but it is not enough to wish the President dead. As human beings, we are not eager to die at all, why should someone wish another person death?

The ‘information’ was everywhere that Mr. President was dead, I was really perturbed because there wasn’t anything that could even convince me of his death. Some people were of the argument that he was seriously sick and even hospitalized and probably died. The President went on a 10-day leave and handed over to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo. This is not the first time he is going on leave and handing over to the Vice President. When he was going on leave, he said he was going to return on a particular date. The only reason/time we should be scared or troubled about Mr. President is when he doesn’t return on the said date. If he doesn’t return on the date he gave the country, then we have every cause to be very troubled about our President. I really fell the rumour mongers are unnecessarily being stupid or wicked to put up something as delicate as this. We should be praying for his health and be enthusiastic about his return. Even if everything hasn’t been fine for close to 2 years, it is still not enough to wish him dead.

Some folks were even asking him to at least come out to say something or just feature in a video (just say hello from the other side to us). It was funny to me because right from time, Buhari has been quite a silent person. If I was the one, I don’t think I will actually make a video and post the video online. I’d rather just wait till my return date, then shock my detractors. The President is on leave in London and Omojuwa said something that really made me think:

Finally, I wish Mr. President a fantastic leave and good rest. When he returns on his expected date of return, we hope better actions will be taken to ensure things are moving very well in the country, particularly the economy. People are really suffering in this country and I hope the economic team of the President are already using their heads to help us proffer solutions to the problems. Please, don’t ever wish anyone death, life is too short to be wishing someone death. I love our country and our people but some of us are actually not alright, I have said this in different posts prior to this one.

Funny People, Funny Nation

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