Glory, Glory, Man United

I am an unapologetic Manchester United Fan. I have a soft spot for Man Utd, a very soft spot.

I started supporting Man Utd before I became a teenager. Man Utd is a very big club and their history is full incredible stories. I don’t play football ( I can’t even try it sef) and I have always avoided playing. Even when I wanted to play with friends in school, I hardly got selected to play (my own friends did not select me).


In recent times, Manchester United has been messing up, especially since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson (The Most Successful Coach ever). David Moyes was not a good choice, then came Louis Van Gaal. Louis Van Gaal tried but he was too much of a conservative and Manchester United did not really make expected progress under him. Thankfully, we won the FA Cup before he left.

The Special One (Jose Mourinho) resumed duties and we were all expectant about how awesome his tenure was going to be, especially with the arrival of Pogba and Ibrahimovic. He started well and things went well before we started drawing matches, it was like Man Utd players were always eating okro before each match and it was really painful. Fortunately, Mourinho got his formation right and we went back to winning ways. We are looking forward to more interesting matches and wins, especially this weekend when we face Liverpool.

I love Manchester United but at times I don’t actually care or get bothered about their woes, since I am not getting royalties from supporting them.

Nonetheless, Manchester United remains one of the best clubs in the world and they will always have my heart (just for football).

Glory Glory Man United!

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