I need a Whistle

I need a whistle

Who has a spare whistle?

O Ye that blows whistle during church services, give me your whistle

I want to start a new habit

Whistleblowing might not be that annoying after all

Oil is stale!

Clean energy might be getting stale already

Whistleblowing is the new Oil/Energy

By only blowing a whistle, you can become rich in millions of dollars overnight!

I’m off to get a whistle for myself!

Since our leaders and some ruthlessly greedy Nigerians have decided to keep huge sums of money in their house, we’ll not resist any thought to blow our whistles and we will blow them loudly!

Since birds have learnt to fly without perching, hunters have learnt to shoot without missing — Anonymous

Thinking about Nigeria can depress someone!

This is really saddening; the monies and the unearthing of mysteries!