Ineffectiveness is making life difficult for Nigerians

It’s not a lie that the current government has been very ineffective in a lot of ways and they have been unapologetic about it.

They have made life difficult for majority of Nigerians and they haven’t relented!

I was at the Nigeria Immigration Service at Ikoyi to collect my Nigerian Passport and it was hell! I spent over 2 hours waiting for my name to be called and I’m one of the lucky ones even at that. A lot of people there were not as lucky as I was and it really pained me.

I was really offended because we have not put good systems in place to curb all these challenges and to ultimately improve service. My time was wasted and it reduced the value I’d have added at work today.

The Government needs to put proper plans in place to ensure all our MDAs are effective and incredibly valuable.

Time is Gold!

End of Rant!!!

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