Who your sadness epp?

Let nothing stop your joy! Absolutely nothing!

My very good and smart friend Bukola Oshunmakinde wrote an article about always remembering and being happy about few things/moments/items that brings joy.

Here is the article:

In addition to what she listed and talked about;

In this life and even in these times, a lot of things or situations make us unnecessarily unhappy. We have more people going around with gloomy faces and very angry souls. A very slight encounter or mistake can immediately raise temper and before you know it, a thunder of slaps or rain of abuses follow almost immediately. I really do not blame people for their gloominess, it can be as a result of life challenges, pressures on all sides and even bereavement. Many people are sad because they are broke, especially in our Country (Nigeria) where the economy of the nation is in shambles. Money has lost value and the government seems to be clueless about the whole issue. We had been in a recession for a long time before the government realized. Price of commodities kept going up and value of money kept going down, this has kept so many people under immense pressure, making them sad and gloomy in the process.

Be joyful!

However, the crux of this article is for us to place our focus on what is really important in our lives. No matter how bad things are, being sad won’t make it easier. If there is something you can do about the situation, do it! If there isn’t, why worry or be sad? I am writing this for us to just look or observe those things that make us happy or less gloomy and pay more attention to them. Focus on those things that make us happy, there is so much gain in being happy.

The things that make us happy may include: your children, your wife/husband, your nieces/nephews, your friends, your job, your church, your immediate environment, your friends, your hobby(ies), social media, your associations/clubs, your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can add to the list.

The major reason I am writing this is to inspire some of us. To inspire you to find joy in those little things you think doesn’t matter. You can never know how much joy you derive in doing a particular thing unless you pay attention to that thing. Just look around you and see what makes you excited or less-tensed, pay more attention to that thing. I am not assuring you that being happy or joyful about the littlest of things will take away your sorrow or pressure, but it will go long way to take your gloominess away and hinder you from growing old quickly.

Let your joy be full

One thing I know for sure is that:


I therefore beseech you brethren/sistren (pardon me) that, you should let your joy be full despite your current situation. Life is incredibly short to be unhappy and to keep wearing a gloomy face. Always wear a smile, no matter how terrible life has been for you. It makes you less predictable and very approachable.

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