what a lovely chart (BTC/ROTO market on LAToken — Feb. 6th 2019)

Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?

I always wanted to ask that. Anyway Roto token recently traded as high as $3.40 each IN EXTREMELY LIMTED TRADING ACTION and only for like 5 hours.

But still, it happened, and it was wild to sit back and watch it unfold.

Besides this fluke occurrence, which quickly corrected itself…

We got a nice shout out from Noticias Bitcoin — a Spanish crypto news website:

The Translation:

“RotoHive wants to pay you in cryptocurrency for your knowledge of fantasy sports”

Launched in September on Ethereum without an ICO or VC funding, RotoHive is a new type of collaborative fantasy sports…

RotoHive’s native ERC-20 token, Roto ($ROTO), can now be bought and sold on Lescovex. Lescovex is an easy-to-use decentralized exchange that has recently become a top Ethereum dApp by user numbers.

big shout out to our new friends

This is bad-ass because Lescovex is fully decentralized, meaning you maintain control of your private keys and you never have to entrust any 3rd party to act as a custodian for your tokens.

Here’s the market and Lescovex DEX user interface. Swanky:

above: Craig and Smokey react to seeing RotoHive for the first time

“You ain’t got no job. And you ain’t got s!#% to do!” -Friday (1995)

Pretty much sums up the year 2017 for me. To clarify, I had/have a job. But my “job” had rapidly turned into “trade crypto on the daily and pocket fat stacks of BTC” as the entire industry ballooned into the GREAT CRYPTO BUBBLE OF EARLY 2018.

It was glorious. But…

mfw evil billion dollar corporation bans us from their platform for no reason wtf

Be me.

-Work really hard on getting followers for RotoHive over the past three months. Even pay Twitter SEVERAL CAR PAYMENTS WORTH OF MONEY to promote our account.

-Build up great momentum by busting ass on Twitter every day. Organic community growth. Retweets, Likes, Comments, New Followers, Brand Ambassadors. All…


rotohive.com + Roto $ROTO token news. Official account. T.ME/ROTOHIVE

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