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what a lovely chart (BTC/ROTO market on LAToken — Feb. 6th 2019)

Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?

I always wanted to ask that. Anyway Roto token recently traded as high as $3.40 each IN EXTREMELY LIMTED TRADING ACTION and only for like 5 hours.

But still, it happened, and it was wild to sit back and watch it unfold.

Besides this fluke occurrence, which quickly corrected itself back down to a far more-reasonable price range, Roto token had a great week in general. Our token had its best volume ever over on LA Token, and we had trading activity with both BTC and ETH being used to accumulate ROTO.

We were also recently added to, …

We got a nice shout out from Noticias Bitcoin — a Spanish crypto news website:

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The Translation:

“RotoHive wants to pay you in cryptocurrency for your knowledge of fantasy sports”

Launched in September on Ethereum without an ICO or VC funding, RotoHive is a new type of collaborative fantasy sports platform that pays top users for the accuracy of their predictions.

RotoHive founder Anthony Adams explains, “ We believe there is a large pool of untapped intellectual capital among fantasy sports fans. Over 50 million people play fantasy sports every year, yet everyone works to solve the same problem in isolation. …

RotoHive’s native ERC-20 token, Roto ($ROTO), can now be bought and sold on Lescovex. Lescovex is an easy-to-use decentralized exchange that has recently become a top Ethereum dApp by user numbers.

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big shout out to our new friends

This is bad-ass because Lescovex is fully decentralized, meaning you maintain control of your private keys and you never have to entrust any 3rd party to act as a custodian for your tokens.

Here’s the market and Lescovex DEX user interface. Swanky:

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ROTO token on Lescovex exchange 12/18

RotoHive also plans to do a token buy-back in mid 2019. More on this coming soon. Thank you as always for everyone who supports our project!

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hiding in our crypto fall out shelter :(

RotoHive did not do an ICO… so don’t blame us for the ongoing crypto bear market of 2018. We ain’t selling our ETH and BTC. Wanna know why?

Because we ain’t have no ETH or BTC to sell! Harsh times, truly.

But, I have faith in Roto and I’m grateful our token seems to have found a market just a month after our giveaways. We had a great week of staked Roto as part of our last fantasy football tournament and we will be giving away 1.25 ETH as part of next week’s prize pool. Along with 400 Roto.

Why the decrease in Roto tokens this week? Because Roto just hit LATOKEN and we have people selling their airdrop tokens to very smart people who are scooping them up on the cheap. No need to flood the market at this point. …

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name a better duo. i’ll wait.

Quick follow up to our last Medium. You can now buy and sell the Roto ($ROTO) ERC-20 token on LATOKEN. That’s right ladies and gents, trading has begun. Circulating supply is approx. 2 million Roto tokens.

Hit the link to buy and sell your new favorite Ethereum token (Roto, duh) on LATOKEN:

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welcome to the big show

Welp, we done did it. And by “we” I mean the entire RotoHive community. Thank you to everyone who signed up, participated, told friends, and so on. This is HUGE news and it was a collective effort.

RotoHive’s native ERC-20 token, Roto, is being added to LATOKEN starting November 6th. I was in talks with several large crypto trading exchanges over the past month and LATOKEN really stood out to me for their vision and commitment to new, innovative crypto projects.

We are honored to be a part of such a vibrant trading platform and plan to make LATOKEN our main hub for buying and selling the Roto token. …

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above: Craig and Smokey react to seeing RotoHive for the first time

“You ain’t got no job. And you ain’t got s!#% to do!” -Friday (1995)

Pretty much sums up the year 2017 for me. To clarify, I had/have a job. But my “job” had rapidly turned into “trade crypto on the daily and pocket fat stacks of BTC” as the entire industry ballooned into the GREAT CRYPTO BUBBLE OF EARLY 2018.

It was glorious. But it had to end. On a side note, anyone who thinks Bitcoin peaked at $20k and will never recover is a damn fool.

So there I am - trading crypto every day. Which means I’m researching lots of crypto projects. Trying to find hidden gems. And the same problem kept. popping. …

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mfw evil billion dollar corporation bans us from their platform for no reason wtf

“They took the bar! The whole f!*#ing bar!” -John Belushi, Animal House (1977)

Be me.

-Work really hard on getting followers for RotoHive over the past three months. Even pay Twitter SEVERAL CAR PAYMENTS WORTH OF MONEY to promote our account.

-Build up great momentum by busting ass on Twitter every day. Organic community growth. Retweets, Likes, Comments, New Followers, Brand Ambassadors. All that good stuff. Literally stare at Twitter screen for hours a day spreading the word and talking with people.

-Get shut down without warning for “aggressive following practices” according to some Twitter yes-man employee. On the same week of our first official NFL tournament. …

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pseudo bitcoin color scheme logo
  1. RotoHive is giving away 125,000 Roto tokens on Sunday October 7th 10:00 AM CST USA.
  2. Sign up before this deadline and get your share of 125,000 tokens. This is the final airdrop.
  3. Roto tokens will be evenly divided among all RotoHive accounts on Tuesday October 9th around 3:00 USA CST.
  4. I’m not trying to gas this up too much but we have some good stuff going on right now. We will drop some announcements regarding exchange listings once our airdrop finishes. …


RotoHive + Roto $ROTO token news. Official account. T.ME/ROTOHIVE

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