Free WiFi in Hotels is Number One Amenity for Canadians

Based on the global research, 70% of surveyed Canadians are saying that standardised free WiFi in hotels is number one amenity in their wish list. Nowadays most travellers are connected so they want to have free WiFi throughout the journey — from airports to the arrival at the hotel and planning their activities.

But possibility to have free WiFi access in hotels looses its charm when the connection appears to be slow and bumpy. So hospitality industry has to invest in Internet infrastructure to meet its guests’ needs and keep hotel rooms booked.

This time Rotten WiFi team reveals Top 10 hotels (tested by its users) that are providing fastest WiFi in Canada.

Top 10 fastest WiFi hotels in Canada
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The data shows that hotel Four Points by Sheraton Kelowna Airport provides fastest WiFi with avg. download speed of 23.57 Mbps. Although Beacon Hill Motel takes second position, its avg. download speed is 3,5 times slower than leaders and reaches 6.72 Mbps. But clients’ satisfaction rank is pretty much the same — respectively 5.67 and 5 point out of 10, based on NPS.

On the whole, avg. download speed of all the tested hotels in Canada reaches 5.04 Mbps, avg. upload — 1.81 Mbps, avg. clients’ satisfaction rank — 4.24/10. There’s plenty room for getting better.

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.