The Roller coaster of Complimentary WiFi in Radisson brand Hotels

WiFi Rank is a service offering a possibility to its users (the Users) to measure the quality of a Wi-Fi connection and share the results together with personal comments or other content (the Content) via social networks.

WiFi Rank does not analyze, evaluate, change, amend, monitor or control in any way the Content posted or otherwise made available by the Users. The Users shall ensure that the Content does not: (i) contain any illegal information or content; (ii) violate or infringe upon any copyright, trademark, other property and/or non-property rights of others and/or applicable laws; (iii) contain any information or other content that may be deemed to be abusive, violent, harmful, harassing, racially, ethnically, sexually or otherwise offensive, infringing privacy of others or defamatory; (iv) create a risk of harm, loss, physical or mental injury, emotional distress, death, disability, disfigurement, or physical or mental illness to any person; (v) violate or encourage any conduct that violates or may potentially violate any applicable laws; (vi) contain nudity, partial nudity or pornography; (vii) seek to harm or exploit children by exposing them to inappropriate content, asking for personally identifiable details or otherwise; (viii) contain any virus, malware or otherwise create a risk of any loss or damage to any property (including computer systems, devices, and other hardware) of WiFi Rank or any other persons. The User who has posted or otherwise made available the Content is solely responsible for such Content.

WiFi Rank takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any Content that any User posts or makes otherwise available on any social network or elsewhere, and shall not be liable for any loss (whether direct or indirect) resulting from or related to any conduct or Content of any User or any other third party, including, without limitation, any defamatory, offensive or illegal Content or other conduct of the Users or any other third party.

The quality of Wi-Fi connection is determined by WiFi Rank as it is at the moment it is measured. The results are provided, shown to the Users, as well as any rankings of Wi-Fi connections are made on the basis of such measurement. In no event shall WiFi Rank be liable for any results of the measurement of the quality of a Wi-Fi connection, unless the measurement was incorrect due to the fault of WiFi Rank. Incorrect location setting can be caused by VPN or proxy server usage or limitations of IP address geolocation.

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