Top 10 Cafes Offering Fastest WiFi Worldwide

If you want to have a nice cup of coffee, grab a snack and simply chill browsing Internet — cafes are the best public place to do that. Bars, coffee shops, fast food restaurants attract much more people if they can offer complimentary WiFi. And if the place can provide with fast speed Internet — it will constantly grow a crowd of loyal customers.

Rotten WiFi team has analysed data regarding Internet speed and quality in all the cafes, bars and restaurants that customers have tested in the first quarter of this year. We are not sure about the taste of coffee, but WiFi speed in these Top 10 spaces is really awesome.

The fastest coffee shop — The Bean Cafe — is located in USA with the recorded avg. download speed of 64.08 Mbps and avg. upload — 114.23 Mbps. Clients’ satisfaction rank — 9/10, based onNPS.

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