TOP 10 UK Hotels with free fastest WiFi

Apr 4, 2016 · 1 min read

When free WiFi becomes one of the most valuable things for travellers, hotels try to attract guest by offering free Internet connection. But the loyalty of people can be concurred by providing good quality WiFi and British hotels are taking an action.

Based on the data collected from Rotten WiFi app users UK hotels are providing the fastest free WiFi to its guests. The avg. download speed of all the measured hotels is 37,75 Mbps, avg. download speed — 33,53 Mbps and avg. clients’ satisfaction rank — 6,51 out of 10 based on NPS method.

every hotel Piccadilly in London is absolutely number one regarding WiFi speed as guests can enjoy the avg. download super-speed of 119,44 Mbps and avg. upload — 136,03 Mbps.

Hotels Charlotte Street and Amba Charing Cross in London are also keeping up with avg. download speeds over 80 Mbps. All Top 10 fastest WiFi hotels presented in the chart below.

TOP 10 UK Hotels with fastest WiFi

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