WiFi vs Movie in the Movie Theatre?

Do you like movies but time to time you hit the ones that in the middle appear to be quite boring? Still you don’t wanna leave hoping the end of it will be great? But accidentally you start slumbering and then snoring in front of the whole audience. Not the greatest situation, you’d have to admit.

Nowadays movie theaters started providing free of charge Internet connection to their customers. So you can browse the net and write comments on the spot, see the whole movie cast online (if missed some of them during the trailer) or just check your FB account skipping those boring movie scenes.

Rotten WiFi team analysed data and revealed Top10 Movie Theaters with fastest WiFi worldwide.

Top10 Movie Theaters with Fastest WiFi
Outstanding WiFi speed was recorded in Quartier CineArt, Thailand, Bangkok where avg. download speed reached 77.07 Mbps. The second spot in the list also belongs to the cinema in Bangkok — IMAX Digital Theater — although avg. download is 3 times slower — 25.33 Mbps. The third place goes to Kino Roxy, Switzerland — with avg. download speed of 17.38 Mbps.

The difference WiFi is really big even between first and last positions in Top 10 list — 77 times, not to mention those movie theaters that did not make the cut to the chart.

Originally published at blog.rottenwifi.com on January 26, 2016.

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