Making my chart-topping game about being an Australian Magpie

12 weeks ago I launched my first game called Swoopy Boi and watched it soar to the top charts of both the App Store and Google Play in Australia. It has been downloaded 10,912 times and 38.2K sessions have been logged.

Swoopy Boi is a casual game where you play as a magpie that swoops posties, hipsters, and other characters. iOS | Android

I stopped using my phone in the bedroom and it was great decision.

Years ago it dawned on me that the vast amounts of time I spent reading and browsing Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit, was not adding up to anything. This realisation inspired me to put down my smartphone and pick up a book.

I have been thinking a lot about this again recently. Mainly because it’s a reality that technology and phones are embedded in todays world and therefore I continue to struggle with keeping off social media and my phone in general. In fact the harder I try to reduce my phone usage, the more it upsets me when I…

The time Twitter co-founder Ev Williams commented on my story

Anything worth doing is not easy and takes a lot of time. If it were easy everyone would be doing it.

The following are five times in my life where I have felt that my hard work and drive has paid off. I often look back on these stories for inspiration and motivation. It feels like I am reading someone else’s story.

I’ve learned if something doesn’t come easily it’s one of two things; It is not worth doing because it’s not for me — or — it is well-worth doing because hard things are only completed by the minority.

Here’s how much I was paid and how far I cycled.

I cycled over 4090km for Deliveroo in Amsterdam from Sep 2017 — Jul 2018.

How much cycling did I actually do?

The Little Adventurer goes to Japan. Available now.

Two years ago I started learning to draw. Today I have published my first illustrated children’s book.

After drawing for a year I wanted to use my skills on something more than posting random drawings on Instagram. I needed a project.

4 years ago I started reading kids books which helped me build confidence in reading books cover-to-cover. It didn’t take long before I moved on to adult books and it has stayed with me — a couple of weeks ago I finished reading The Martian, and The Barefoot Investor. I’m currently reading Elon Musk’s biography.

I always have time…

I have been teaching myself to draw for one year.

Drawing on my past

I have always wanted to be good at drawing. Ever since primary school i have doodled in the margins of every paper I hold. I’ve never taken it further than that, though. I’ve admired people’s drawings and wished I was able to do it but I didn’t think it was something I could learn to the level that I would be proud of.

I want to be good at everything I do and to be good I have to be obsessed, if I’m not obsessed, I won’t be good, and therefore it’s not worth doing.

My previous attempts at learning…

I don’t want to learn how to draw, I just want to be able to draw.

I’ve been learning how to draw lately and it’s frustrating.

To picture exactly what I want to draw and then observe what my hands actually do is really annoying.

I don’t want to learn how to draw, I just want to be able to draw. That sounds really lazy but it’s the truth. So I have started to ask myself why I feel this way because it’s not just with drawing that I feel like this.

I don’t like being shit at something

I think I’m relatively good at a few…

For 26 years of my life I struggled to read and/or complete books

For 26 years of my life I struggled to read and/or complete books

In the past 18 months I have worked hard to change that. I have tried and failed many times but this time I have been successful.

I changed my view on reading from “I’m reading a book” to “I’m reading a movie.” This instantly made it more interesting, but actually sitting down, opening a book and finishing it was still hard.

I tried reading novels but lost interest before I finished them or completely forgot I was reading one at all. They were too…

“Be patient” the armed guard said to our guide “I will run with the radio back up there and try again. Then if we still don’t hear, that’s it, we failed and will go back to the office.”

These were not the words I wanted to hear while tracking gorillas in Uganda. Our guide was having some serious problems contacting our two trackers-the two-way radio was not picking up their signal. Apparently this had never happened before. Our guide was confused, concerned and, judging by his face, increasingly overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

The guard who offered to run back with the radio

As I watched the guard run away with…

Stats & Graphs

I have been tracking my sleep for 3 years.

I decided to start tracking my sleep with hope to improve it and ultimately feel better throughout my average day.

My iPhone is always the last thing I interact with before I go to sleep so the day I stumbled upon Sleep Cycle (an iPhone app that doubles as a sleep tracker and a smart alarm) I started using it.

Learning about Sleep Cycles

Something I have learned from using this app is that humans sleep in cycles. We don’t go into a deep sleep and stay like that till morning…

Rohan Nowell

Ex-Website developer at Virgin Mobile Australia.

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