How to Overcome Opinions

“Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.” — the statement appeared quite funny the first time I read it. And then I saw it being overused to the extent where it became unfunny and lame. Its flaws became quite apparent.

One really gotta meet someone without an asshole to know that it isn’t exactly useless. Like opinions, however, some assholes are shitier than others. And like assholes, opinions too come naturally. It’s almost impossible for anyone to not have one. And having one doesn’t make you biased.

If you think about it, the manifestation of opinions tends to start at a very young age. I remember not having a favorable opinion of the color yellow when I was a kid. I abhorred it so much that I used to sneak it into my class fellow’s bag just to find a nice excuse for my pink daffodils and blue sunflowers. I hated it because to me it was the color of ‘poop’.

But does that make me biased against the color ‘yellow’? Am I generalizing the color of ‘poop’ here?

I think not. Or should I say my opinion is ‘No’.

Now, after three decades of personal observation and emotional evolution, I am inclined to believe that yellow is the most beautiful of all the colors in the world. Bright and beautiful like bae, it is now my favorite. Also, several health problems have calmed down my contempt for the whole process of defecation and its outcomes.

So, YES ~ It is entirely human to have opinions. Opinions can differ, vary, and more importantly CHANGE. Ergo, it is entirely pointless to be anal about opinions — yours or anyone else’s.