Faceless people and 3 things I wonder
Linda Caroll

In Australia, it is compulsory to vote. I do not understand people who do not vote — I really don’t. Or who choose yo vandalise their vote by writing some form of protest on the vote slip — which them becomes an invalid vote. Case in point: Franklin dam case in Tasmania, Australia (read on Wikipedia of you are interested). So for heavens sake — next time vote, vote with intent, and vote with the eye on the ball of what you want to achieve — not “if I do this or that, then the mathematical probability of what will be returned (en masse) means X result is achieved. Okay, just giving an Aussie point of view, I will be silent now on the matter henceforth. P.S not everyone on Medium is in America, or immersed with Trump news. He is a point in time, but not an infinity of time.