Facebook forced to disclose more information about its ad targeting
Paul-Olivier Dehaye

The ultimate power back to you — the individual — is to not be on Facebook whatsoever, however, that belies the fact that many other apps require you to sign in with Facebook or Google credentials. And notwithstanding the scary amount of data that Google accumulates on you. So, I applaud your approach of seeking greater transparency. That is the key word — transparency — by which Facebook allows its end users to ‘Opt-Out’ out of any custom audiences/groups that Facebook may decide to tag you to. Alternatively, when you sign-up to Facebook it should ask you whether you opt-in or out of targeted advertising based on subject/company (etc, a range of criteria and therefore choice/control to the end user). Taking such an approach would also force marketers and advertisers for the how, and what, in which they target different types of users. You could write a book “ How not to market to me using your crap content and/or audience curation methodology with its blatant assumptions and lack of individuation; despite thinking you are personalising and relevant to me, when clearly you are not”. That book would be a best seller, guaranteed. Regards Roula