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I’m interested in anything in Life! Trying to be human someday, without fear, past or future, only present! Automation Engineer, Traveler and Reader!

The ultimate truth

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Do you really want to stop smoking? Why? Why did you want to stop smoking? Really now, tell me why? Why did you start smoking?
Before continuing reading please take a minute to answer these questions. Don’t tell me the answers, just honestly find the answers and keep them for yourself.

I have done the same, before quitting smoking. You see it is important to have reasons to accomplish your goals. The same is true for stop smoking. The same importance is to find out how you started smoking. Was it something you have tried and find out it gives…

When you should sell your cryptocurrencies

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It is crucial to know when you should sell your cryptos for real money or convert them to stable coins. After all, a few people have invested in crypto because it is an innovation. The majority, including me, want to make a profit. Can it be a quick one, that is the best.

Obviously, the best you have to do is buy low and sell high. But what is low and what is high is difficult to tell in such a volatile and unregulated market.
It gets even harder to say when the right time is if we are speaking for…

What I learned and who I follow.

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There are many reasons why you are using Medium. Some of you subscribe to learn News and read articles, and some of you, as a writer to make a living writing. I personally came to Medium because of a and Medium was the place where they publish the news about the company.

After a while, I started reading articles about writing on the platform and on other sites, and I was curious to see if I can make it too. I am a person who can't stay in one job for a long time. …

Let’s see what it looks like compared with the last two bull runs

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First of all, we must agree that there is a cycle in every economy. We can say that it is consists of the bull phase where the price of an asset is going upward and the bearish period where the price is going downward.

That is a rule. What is going up must go down and vise versa.

The same applies to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

In the crypto market, this cycle has a period of 4 years. The event that triggers the transition from the bearish to the bullish phase is the Bitcoin halving event.

Bitcoin halving event occurs after…

Is the Bull defeated by the Bear?

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This will be a quick article, where I will share my point of view on the recent drop in Bitcoin price.

Of course, you want to know if you should shell or not. If the bull run is over and we are getting in the long bear market phase of the cycle. I will tell you what my thoughts are, what I am doing, what my plan is.

Definitely, this is a correction where the price is down over 40% from its ATH. Normally such a drop signals the bear phase of the cycle when we are talking about cryptos.

Free money from Locktrip, and Hydra token airdrop.

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It all started in 2017 when Locktrip have made the ICO( initial coin offering) raising money to make a huge difference in the accommodation and traveling industry.

I have been with them from the beginning, buying from the ICO state and participating in some testing with reward. ( Later on this)

The purpose of the company is to cut the middle man in the industry, allowing hotels to offer a better price because their commission is far lower than others ( Booking).

So people can book cheaper. You can visit the and check it out.

So far they…

Everyone is trying to convince you to follow the guru. Does it come with a cost?

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I am in the Medium community for about 3 years and noticed that some of the most popular articles are the ones that mention famous people and advice that you should follow.

It is normal that you want to read it and find out what someone famous has to say to you as advice. He is famous because he has succeeded in his area and that makes him most of the time wealthy.

Everyone wants to get wealthy.

For example, Warren Buffett's advice to make you a millionaire. If as I don’t, you also don’t like Warren Buffett, don’t worry…

An asset that you should have in your portfolio.

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Cardano was founded back in 2017, and it is a proof-of-stake blockchain in contrast with Bitcoin that is a proof of work. The main difference between these blockchains types (proof of work and proof of stake, not Cardano and Bitcoin) is that the validators of the blockchain operating with other philosophies.

In the case of Bitcoin, you must operate power-hungry miners, but in the case of Cardano, you need to run a node and stake some ADA tokens. With Bitcoin, you must invest a lot of money for the equipment and the power supply, having a negative impact on the…

There is a platform that gives you money when you are booking accommodation.

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Finally, the summer is around the corner, and after the lockdown and the hysteria about Coronavirus, it is time to recharge our batteries. Time for vacation.

The majority of people I know are using Booking to book a room. Is it the best way? Definitely not. Why? Because the platform is too expensive and unfair.

It charges the hotel owners a big proportion of the price, driving the price high for the end-user, the customer, you and me.

Additionally, you don’t get a share for using the platform.

Here comes in Play a new platform, . Locktrip is cutting the…

Something is wrong in our world, and it gets worse.

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash
Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash
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I live in Greece. I have a home. I need a phone to speak to people. That’s the reason I have a local phone in my house and a smartphone.

Both are registered to the Vodafone Network.

It wasn’t always the case. Until two years ago, my local phone was registered with another provider. The company was bankrupt and Vodafone bought it.

I made a new contract for two years with Vodafone and I was paying 32,5 € for internet, unlimited local calls, three hours for international calls, and 30 minutes for mobile calls.

Two years past and the contract…

Alexandros Roumpos

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