Building A Reading Habit

Thank you for the post Carina.
Well, I’m far from being an avid reader but, I’m working on that, since I love books so much.

I’ve been using Goodreads for sometime now, and really, it’s so much helpful. What I like about it, is that you can keep track of your reading, you challenge other people and you get motivated by them. The reading challenge functionality is the best.

You mentioned “lack of time”, I think that everyone can have some free time a day. But, I think that the problem isn’t whether you have some free minutes or not, but rather, whether your brain is ready at that time to get some information, whether it is engaged so you can really take benefit of that little time rather than waste it. In addition to the mental situation there is the type of the book, if it’s a novel or not. If it’s a novel, I think it’s ok, you can get the main ideas of what you read in five minutes and that won’t affect the overall understanding of the book, but if it’s something else, believe me, it’s hard to keep up with the author, as Laura said, it’s difficult to get engaged, that’s what I’ve been suffering from while trying to exploit my 5 minutes free time. That’s why now, I’m working on that side to find what’s appropriate for me.

It’s relieving to find that there are other people facing the same problems as me ;)


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