Round One : How to ask for Referral- Phone Interaction

A job referral can be the best way to highlight your resume to the hiring manager. A job referral for the position applied for, if mentioned in the cover letter, gives a built in recommendation for the job.
Nowadays, one can connect via professional networks like LinkedIn or social networks like Facebook, etc. and then can ask for a job referral by either sending a message through these networks or by sending an old fashioned letter to them.

However, the limitation here remains that you have to know the person, either through your social or professional networks, so that you can connect with them and then ask for a referral.

To help in this regard, Round One lets you connect with employees from various companies from outside one’s social and professional networks. Round One helps job seekers earn a job referral after fixing a telephonic interaction and also has a feedback in place to let job seeker know about his strengths and weaknesses after the interaction.
To ask for a job referral, the job seeker sends a request, which includes his profile and resume, to the desired interviewer, upon the acceptance of which a telephonic interaction is fixed.Upon the completion of the interaction, a feedback form is filled by interviewer and shared with the job seeker to know about his weaknesses and strengths, which also reveals the status of the referral.

With the referral, the chances of getting hired for the job seeker increases by ten times. With the large network of employers present on Round One, a job seeker can boost his chances of getting hired by asking for referrals from various employers who are outside of his social and professional networks. With these facts, Round One becomes a more advantageous solution to ask for referrals and get hired.

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