Roundone : Earn Job Referrals ?

The most effective way to get hired

Increase your chances by 10 times:

Research shows job referrals increase your chance of getting hired by ten times! And it makes sense – companies trust the judgement of their own employees, and it is also a lot cheaper for them to hire through referrals instead of using expensive recruiters.

Talk to your referrer:
A resume only gives part of the picture – It’s important to speak with the person referring you. So we’ve developed a state of the art cloud based telephony system to do that where we schedule the call for you and follow up after it’s done.

Find the right person to refer your application:
Our algorithm constantly scans jobs and figures out the best person to get a referral from. We have over 15,000 referrers and our algorithm, developed by INSEAD and IIT Alumni, helps connect you with the right person.

Constructive feedback after each interaction:
Most job portals follow a ‘post and pray’ approach, where all you can do once you apply is pray that you get called for an interview. On Round One, after every interaction you will get feedback on what went well and what didn’t, so you can do something about it.

Get referred, or get a refund:
If by chance you’re not referred after your telephonic interaction, we’ll transfer your money to a subsequent interaction till you’re referred!

Each referrer is a genuine employee:
We do a background check for everyone that signs up to make sure you speak with the real employees. We even check to make sure our referrers don’t change jobs.

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