Roundone : How it Works?

Round One is an online job referral platform, which directly connects job seekers to employees working in the companies they wish to apply to.

The process is simple.
1. Register with Round one:
Fill in your personal information

2. Become a member with us: For this an upfront cost of INR 70 (non-
refundable) is charged. This membership fees allows candidates to send referral requests.

Once your referral request get accepted then a telephonic interaction will take place between you and the referrer using 6-digit code which is provided to you from our end and for this interaction you need to register as pay per referral or you can proceed with unlimited referral as well.

The Rs.1199/- unlimited referrals plan is a new addition to Round One‘s services. It allows you to have interactions with as many referrers as you want for a period of 6 months by making just a onetime payment. Basically, you just have to make onetime payment of Rs.1199 and each time your referral request is accepted, you will not have to make any payment.

The other plan which is the pay per referral plan enables you to pay as you go. Each time your referral request is accepted, you will be required to make a payment of Rs. 600 which is transferable to another referral in case you are not referred.

After interaction you will receive a feedback which helps you know understand that you have been referred or not, if yes then you have to contact your referrer using the code or through his email id also.

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