An Overview Of Go Kart Racing

Go Kart racing is becoming more and more popular these days. It is becoming popular with both amateur and professional circuits. Except for the size of the vehicle, most of the features for the race remain the same when compared to other types of open motor sports. As for the Kart, it is a small vehicle which is open and it has 4 wheels. Go Kart racing is also known as Go Carts and Shifter Karts. If you are a racing enthusiast, then you would find it really thrilling. Many would prefer fun go kart racing before they attempt the serious sports. This allows them to master the art of racing, which can be later used while doing other open motor sport.

All age groups can try

When it comes to fun go kart racing, there are no age restrictions in place. Everyone from children to adults can engage in the race, irrespective of their age. It’s a really activity for everyone involved. You may have seen these carts in amusement parks. Even public places may have such carts. But in these places, there is a speed limit. But when it comes to scaling down circuits, the speed will be high. As far as karts are concerned, depending on the kart being used, the speed of the vehicle might be different. Some of those super karts are capable of reaching the speed of 240 km/hr. Most of the people use it as a recreational activity. But there are Go Kart racing events held all over the world and if you are serious about it, then you can be a part and win prizes. Even though it was originated in the United States, go-kart track racing has become a global motor sport today as there are several countries where you will see active participation.

Tyres and wheels

Let’s take a look at the tyres and wheels being used in go-kart track racing. The tyres and wheels are smaller when compared to the standard car. When it comes to drivers, they look for magnesium and alloy rims on the wheels. As far as the tyres are concerned, the condition of the track plays a big role. You will have to choose a suitable tyre for the track. If the weather conditions are dry, then you will most likely use slick tyres with no thread patterns. Such tyres are ideal for competitions. When it comes to wet conditions, you will see the tyres with treads and grooves as they provide a better grip for the vehicle. It helps the vehicle to go smoothly in a slippery surface. If we have to deal with wet conditions, they will prefer tyres which are perfect for such a scenario. Go Kart racing can be a really fun experience for both adults and children alike. If you like adventure sports, then you should definitely give it a try. You will definitely love the experience.

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