How Do I Setup The Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8500–100INS AC5300 Router?

Elisa Beaulieu
Dec 3, 2019 · 3 min read

The Netgear releases the firmware Updation regularly. The Netgear router firmware is the crucial component of the router password by using the hardware connection. With the advent of technology, the firmware update of the router is the easiest task for the user to access. The user will just need to login to the admin page of the router. If the user-facing the issue while accessing the router by using the web address then it will recommend to the user try to access the login setup page by using the IP address of the router.

Here are the Steps to Setup the Netgear Nighthawk X8 R8500–100INS AC5300 Router:

● In the first step, you will need to update the router to update the firmware files.

● Go to the web address Netgear setup to download the firmware update file and download the firmware for your router model.

● Save the update file into a suitable location in your computer device to access the login setup page of the router.

● You will need to access the admin login page by using the username and the password. If you don’t know the login credentials to access the router then you can either use the default credentials to access the page.

● Click on the System Admin page then click on the firmware update tab after

successfully accessing the router admin page.

● Here you will be asked to specify the location into the computer device for download the update file to start the upload process. Go to the browse button to update the file on the router.

● You have to wait for some time while the system finishing the installation process.

Benefits of Upgrading the Netgear Nighthawk X8-R8500 Router Firmware

Netgear router firmware is a crucial part to enhance the performance of the router. It always recommended to the user to use the updated version of the firmware. The firmware has several benefits. We will discuss some of the important benefits in the following steps:

● To enhance the network and the wireless security of the Netgear login.

● Firmware Update also helps to enhance the performance of the router and the connected device.

● It will help you with the bugs and the other different issues of the router.

● The user interface of the Netgear router also gets the customized and the few more advanced button for the firmware update.

Tips to Troubleshooting Issues of the Netgear Nighthawk is Not Working

● In the very first case, you will need to check the router power supply.

● Guarantee that devices which you are utilizing so as to get to your router interface are connected to your router’s system.

● Type the web address router login net start to the address bar of the browser to access the login setup page of the router.

● In case if you officially changed the router default IP address, at that point no stress simply type your router new IP address which will help you not to confront the mistake of the net not working.

● If you officially did previously mentioned advances, at that point finally clear your internet browser store generally not working mistakes will stay the same.

● Finally, before at last goodbye, your router attempts to refresh the router’s firmware.

● Sometimes you see no firmware update will be required for the router, yet fresher firmware may fix overcapacity or signaling issues.

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