Hi, everyone. We have big news today that we’re excited to share. We have major updates to the app including a new name that better reflects our vision for the product. We launched Flipora with the goal of helping people go further by connecting them to stories that inspire, inform and entertain. We want to help people find knowledge and inspiration that is currently beyond their reach by expanding their horizons. We believe that connecting people with knowledge that sparks their curiosity is the way to move the world forward. With our latest round of funding that included top Silicon Valley Angels and executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft etc. and well known industry experts from the Artificial Intelligence domain, we are excited about the journey ahead.

Flipora is now Rover

We’re changing our name to Rover. Just like the Mars Rover, ‘Curiosity’, Rover is about helping you take your inner curiosities further. You can now download the latest version of the app for iPhone and Android. With over 15,000 topics and growing, Rover helps you discover stories you love through friends and interests you follow. Through your Rover profile, you can share your interests with the world. You can make new connections around mutual interests.

On Rover you have the opportunity to be known for what inspires you.

What’s New in Rover:

There’s a lot more to love in the new Rover than just the name. Here are just a few things:

Completely redesigned user interface — We created a brand new, clean, minimal style to make discovering and sharing simpler, faster and more fun. The profile page has also been redesigned to give the world a snapshot of your passions and interests.

Follow Celebrity tastemakers & influencers -Great stories come from great minds. Whether you are interested in fashion or finance, Rover will introduce you to the most influential people in the topics you care about. By following these influencers, you gain access to the wealth of knowledge and content they share across the Web — through Rover, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

Greater control over your home feed — We’ve made it easier than ever to quickly find and follow topics you’re passionate about. For example, for someone into cars, Rover offers the flexibility to follow extremely specific interests (e.g., Porsche 911), broad interests (e.g., European supercars) or publications (e.g., Road & Track Magazine).

We’ve combined the best of Artificial Intelligence and human expertise — Rover’s machine learning-based recommendation engine is designed to automatically learn what you like and show you what you love. We do this by combining artificial intelligence with human expertise. Our engineers work closely with people who are topic experts for organizations like the New York Times, Vogue, National Geographic, CNN, Maxim, the NFL, the Olympics, and many others, to build a service that’s extremely accurate at finding relevant content and still has a human touch. Rover brings you stories that are fresh, relevant and trending across thousands of categories including: Technology, Travel, Design, Sports and Fashion.

Sharing is easier than ever — Now you can just swipe right to “like” and share a story with your followers and swipe left to get back to the home feed to continue discovering new stories.

Where Rover’s headed next:

We have an exciting roadmap for Rover in the coming months. This includes some never before seen features that are tailored around helping you react in richer ways to the stories that move you. Additionally, we have some big updates coming up to Rover’s core A.I. algorithm, that we’ll begin sharing in the coming weeks.

We always love hearing from you. Please, let us know what you like and what you’d like to see different by contacting us at All of your feedback and suggestions help us take Rover further in realizing our mission to take your curiosities and passions further.

We strongly believe that it is not products or companies that change the world, but rather inspired individuals who are brave enough to move forward with a bold idea. Rover’s mission is to help those individuals find their inspiration and change our world for the better.


We are continuing to build our influencer list. If you or someone you know is a tastemaker and/or influencer and would like to reach an engaged community, we would love to hear from you!