James Joyce on the length of Eternity:
Menashé David Israel

The universe is finite (if you were God, you could count all the ‘atoms’ of space that define its extent). Because new atoms of space can be created from nothing (by simply replicating the self-simulating Turing machines that present this reality) there is no limit to how much larger in volume the universe can become — just add space. However, the universe in never ‘infinite’. It is never ‘unable to be counted’. It is always finite (countable). Before the first pair of Turing machines replicated, there was no time, because time is defined by the change in state of the Turing machine pairs that define the universe. There are now approximately 8x10^184 Turing machine pairs in the observable universe alone. The average human body is defined by approximately 1.573x10^103 of those Turing machine pairs.